Our Services

Through the high-quality services and workmanship at Annex Masonry, we are proud to have long-standing partnerships with our clients.

Our field supervisors have undergone exceptional training leading them with years of experience in the industry. Therefore, our project leadership methodology is to utilize at least one field supervisor for each project. Being one of the most established companies with satisfied clients we are currently leading in the field of Masonry and Restoration.

By performing our services in the most efficient manner, we are able to provide our customers with cost friendly services. We offer a wide variety of masonry and restoration services. Whether you have your own property, building or field and require new builds or even renovations, we provide services for all your project demands. Our services begin with a specification where the preparation of proposals and budgeting are discussed, this allows us to understand your needs and show what we at Annex have to offer. Working with our experienced team and high quality resources we plan and professionally execute all of the services our client requires.

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